Shadow x Dual Beam Lighter 

Plasmatic Windproof Cigarette Lighters

Newest on the market are the plazmatic x lighters, which use electricity to generate heat plasma beams. This lighter is also known as the elementium lighter. The crisscrossing beams crank out more than 900 degrees of heat, making the plazmatic x a waterproof & windproof cigarette lighter. Also to make the elementium lighter even better it rely on butane or lighter fluid. The plaszmatic is a usb lighter. Yes a rechargable lighter! Comes with the usb & everything.

Lighters are a key component in marijuana smoking. We hear all the stories about smoke session preparations and when you get down to the final stage of finally “about to smoke” not having a lighter at hand. Making lighters the most stolen object in the world. “We stole that from a meme” lol.

We have a broad selection of lighters from expensive electronic ones down to cheap $1 lighters, also known as crack head lighters depending on where your from.

But yes we have butane lighters, electric lighters, weed smoking lighters, herion smoking lighters (if your into that kind of thing) shadow x dual beam lighter is our 2nd favorite, you name it we have it. For the car guys we even have BMW lighters, Bentley lighters. So as Dj Khald would say “don’t play yourself” stock up on lighters and protect your expensive ones by all means.

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